Rubbish discount

With our tailored and flexible waste removal service you only pay for the amount of space you require.

Business waste removalOur prices include the costs for two guys to labour, the responsible disposal of the waste and a sweep up at the end. We pride ourselves on transparency, there are no hidden costs!



  • Van Size Required
  • Number of People Required to Help for loading.
  • Stairs or Lift involves in the property and distance from parking to Property.
  • Distance & Milage From 1 location to other disposal location.
  • Dismantling and Reassembling Service.
  • Hourly Rates within 5 Miles Radius.
  • Extra Miles Does charge £1.5/Mile.
  • Minimum Booking 30 Mintutes to 2 Hours
  • Notice Of Booking.

What we Do

waste clearance
Single item

Labour: 5 Min
Cubic yards: 1
Max weight: 50kg
Equivalent to: 5 bags


waste clearance company
Minimum Load

Labour: 10 Mins
Cubic yards: 1.5
Max weight: 150kg
Equivalent to: 8 bin bags


waste clearance company
1/4 Load

Labour: 20 Mins
Cubic yards: 3.5
Max weight: 350kg
Equivalent to: 20 bin bags


1/3 Load

Labour: 30 Mins
Cubic yards: 5.25
Max weight: 525kg
Equivalent to: 30 bin bags


1/2 Load

Labour: 40 Mins
Cubic yards: 7
Max weight: 700kg
Equivalent to: 40 bin bags


3/4 Load

Labour: 50 Mins
Cubic yards: 10.5
Max weight: 1050kg
Equivalent to: 70 bin bags


Full Load

Labour: 60 Mins
Cubic yards: 14
Max weight: 1400kg
Equivalent to: 80 bin bags



Christmas tree removal from outside premises (anytime 8:00 – 18:00)* £25
Christmas tree removal from inside premises (specific arrival window)* £33
Undressing of lights & decorations £20
*Does not include undressing of lights & decorations, max tree size 7ft (Please, call us if you have a larger tree!)
*Please, note this service does not include cleaning of any waste fallen from the tree.


Extra 10min Labour If we exceed the loading time we charge £10
TV or Monitor Due to how it is disposed of £15
Fridge Due to how it is disposed of £30
Commercial Fridge Due to how it is disposed of £100
Paint per litre Due to how it is disposed of £3
Per Fluorescent Tube Due to how it is disposed of £1
Weekend charge Due to additional labour costs £10
Extra Heavy Waste Due to how it is disposed of £20


When you are faced with clearing loads of very heavy materials such as bricks, concrete, rubble, soil or wet wood it is charged by the weight of the load, and not the volume. Generally our company will arrange a collection and load the waste onto our specially designed trucks. Most of our trucks today have the latest electronic digital scales to supply an accurate weight of the load you are discarding on site.

The weight rate for heavy waste equals 1 cubic yard per 100 kg, so if for example you have a load measuring 1400 kg this would be charged as 14 cubic yards. This is valid even if it only took up a small area of 6 cubic yards.

For example concrete, rubble and soil all weigh between 250 kg-500 kg per cubic yard. A bag of rubble averages between 30kg-50 kg, so therefore 25 bags of rubble would weigh about 1000kg in total.


Sorry, but for health and safety and regulatory reasons, our crews cannot remove any of the following items:

  • Biological or Medical waste
    or Medical waste
  • Oil, petrol or diesel
    Oil, petrol or diesel
  • Gas bottles or Fire extinguishers
    Gas bottles
    or Fire extinguishers
  • Truck or tractor tyre
    Truck or tractor tyre
  • Asbestos
  • Domestic refuse
    Domestic refuse
    (unless bagged)
  • Toxic substances
    Toxic substances
  • Raw meat or raw fish
    Raw meat or raw
    fish (unless packaged)
  • Noxious chemicals & solvents
    Noxious chemicals
    & solvents

Ready to Book?

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you read these terms & conditions.

  • Prices are based on volume and weight of your rubbish.
  • Every job has loading time allowance.
  • Our vans can load up to 1.7 tonnes regardless of volume.
  • Our vans can load up to 16 cubic yards of rubbish, but not exceeding 1.7 tonnes of weight.
  • 1 bag of rubble is about 30kg, 1 bag of soil is about 40kg, 1 bag of mixed rubble with other building materials is about 30kg.
  • 1 bag = builders rubble sack.
  • We always confirm a price with a client prior we start a job so you will know the cost before and if you will confirm it only then we will proceed with rubbish removal.
  • All prices are subject to VAT.
  • Extra time will be charged £10 per 10 minutes.
  • Domestic fridges from £25
  • Mattress £15
  • Commercial fridges from £50