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Before and After Fly Tipping Photos

Fly tipping is messy and illegal and can contain anything from black bags of general waste to industrial waste, tyres, construction materials and dangerous liquids. Fly tipping is potentially dangerous as its contents are unknown so it needs to be gotten rid of as quickly as possible to stop it coming in contact with the public and to stop vermin and other animals from taking over the site.

Unfortunately it is generally hard to find the culprits who dumped the mess, so it is left to the land owner or council to get rid of this rubbish. However, as the dumped rubbish is illegal if the culprits are found they can face a fine of up to £50,000 along with imprisonment, so it is a crime that is taken very seriously.

The Leeds Rubbish Removal makes dealing with Fly-Tipped waste easy. We can remove and dispose of sharps, excrement’s, tyres, fridges & freezers and all sorts of nasty waste.  We are experienced in cleaning up this type of mess and we have all the correct gear to get rid of this waste so the owner of the property does not have to worry about it.

You can contact us on 07796 466 888 or click here to arrange for one of our sales representatives to visit your site and offer a quotation to deal with your Fly Tip Removal problems.  Before you know it the problem will be cleared of the unsightly mess.

Cheaper than a Skip

Our vehicles have over twice the space of a 6 yard builders skip

Our rates are based on the percentage of the vehicle filled and you only pay for the space used.

We do all the loading and all disposal fees are included.

  •  We do not charge for the congestion zone
  • We do not charge for any parking costs